Environmental Communication and Public Engagement Through Creative Uses of Satellite Data

Environmental Communication and Public Engagement Through Creative Uses of Satellite Data” by Grayson Cooke of Southern Cross University, Australia, has been announced as a keynote to be presented at The 13th Asian Conference on Cultural Studies (ACCS2023) and The 13th Asian Conference on Asian Studies (ACAS2023).

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Environmental Communication and Public Engagement Through Creative Uses of Satellite Data

I am an interdisciplinary scholar and media artist, with a focus on how art and science can work together to develop new figurations of environmental change, its causes and its impacts. In particular, I focus on how Earth Observation satellite data can be used towards this end. While satellite imaging is used extensively and primarily within scientific, governmental and private sector contexts, there is enormous potential when it is taken up across disciplinary boundaries and when aesthetic and affective dimensions are added to scientific frameworks. Responding to the “vulnerabilities” sub-theme of this conference, in this talk I will explore what satellite imaging can show us of the fragility, resilience and remarkable formal beauty of human and non-human environments. I will outline some of my projects and methods, demonstrating how critical and creative uses of satellite data can engage the public and bring new insights into environmental phenomena.

Speaker Biography

Grayson Cooke
Southern Cross University, Australia

Grayson Cooke, Southern Cross UniversityBorn in New Zealand and based in Australia, Grayson Cooke is an interdisciplinary scholar, media artist and Associate Professor of Media at Southern Cross University. Grayson has presented media art and live audio-visual performance works in Australia and internationally, having exhibited and performed in major international festivals such as the Japan Media Arts Festival, the WRO Media Art Biennale and the Imagine Science Film Festival in New York. He works regularly with scientific tools and materials to explore new ways of understanding and exploring the environment and human impacts upon it. As a scholar he has published widely in academic journals on topics including art-science collaboration and creative research methods. He holds an interdisciplinary PhD from Concordia University in Montreal.

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