Why Attend ACCS?

Delegate Satisfaction at a Glance

Post-Conference Survey Results

IAFOR conferences offer participants the chance to exchange the latest ideas, attend panels and workshops, and interact with peers as well as some of the leading figures in the field.

What’s more, IAFOR conferences are organised in partnership with some of the world’s leading universities and academic associations. These partnerships attest to the excellence of our programme and ensure that our conferences offer an exceptional platform through which to disseminate research.

All data provided on this page is sourced from IAFOR Post-Conference Survey Data (2015–2021)

Academic Quality

We strive to curate an excellent academic programme of plenary and featured sessions, topical panels, workshops and forums, but the heart of any academic conference is, of course, the parallel sessions during which the majority of delegates present their papers, then engage in discussion and receive feedback from their peers.

The responses indicate that consistent high standards are maintained during this part of our conferences. 92% of respondents to the feedback surveys said they were satisfied with the academic quality of the conferences and 90% with the overall quality of the parallel sessions.

IAFOR Conferences Academic Quality

IAFOR Conferences Session Quality


Human interaction is at the source of all value creation, and our academic connections provide us with a community of knowledge. Conferences provide an excellent opportunity for academics to expand the personal and professional networks necessary for a successful career.

IAFOR's conveniently located conference venues offer an ideal environment for building these networks. Delegates have numerous opportunities to connect with their peers – over freshly brewed coffee in the base room, at a forum discussion, in the sessions and workshops, at the cultural or side events, over lunch, or at the Conference Dinner.

Based on feedback received after the conference, 91% of respondents said that they were satisfied with the networking opportunities offered, with 41% responding the networking opportunities were "very good", 27% describing them as "good", 22% saying they were "fair".

IAFOR Conference Networking

User Experience

Almost all delegates expressed that participating in IAFOR conferences is a user-friendly experience, with attractive, easy-to-navigate websites, a streamlined abstract submission process, and friendly conference staff.

 IAFOR Conference Abstract Submission Process

IAFOR Conference Staff

IAFOR Conference Website

Would you come back?

The key question after an event, of course, is whether you would consider returning. For 67% of respondents, the answer is either definitely or probably.

31% of delegates said they would "definitely" attend another IAFOR event, 38% replied that they would "probably" attend again, 23% said they would "maybe" attend again. In addition to this, we frequently see especially engaged delegates attending year on year, consistently bringing enthusiasm and intelligent discussion to IAFOR conferences.

IAFOR Conference Attend Again

Would you recommend this conference?

The diversity that can be seen at IAFOR conferences is always growing, thanks to a steady influx of new delegates attending each conference, with 87% of delegates reporting that they would recommend the conference to friends and colleagues.

IAFOR Conferences Recommend

(Source: 2015–2021 Post-Conference Survey Data)