Ayako Harada


Dr Ayako Harada is Professor of Sociology of Law at Nagoya University Graduate School of Law, Japan. She earned her doctoral degree (LL.D) from Kyoto University in 2007. Throughout her academic career, she has been engaged in research on children and family law issues involving child abuse and neglect, child custody, and adoption. She has published ample research on this topic, including “Family Reorganization in the Japanese Family Conciliation System: Resolving Divorce Disputes Involving Minor Children,” 33(1) International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family, 75-103, 2019. In 2023, her book entitled Protecting the Children's Right to Be Heard: Children's Right in Family Justice System was released, for which she received the Onaka Ikuo Family Law Research Award in 2024.

Panel Presentation (2024) | Ethics and Care in Sole Custody Policy

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