An Eco-humanising Post To The Future

Reclaiming the future requires a deep contextual and complex effort combining intellectual and creative energies focussed on the active/present connectedness of things, or otherwise, “staying with the trouble” as Donna Haraway puts it. This presentation, which will be in the form of a post to the future, explores the question: What is a decolonial, queer, eco-cultural approach to the possibilities of alternative, eco-humanising futures other than those that dominate our troubled and dangerous world? What is the measure of coherence needed to get beyond the ongoing nature of our current complicit futures? Through a lyrical, second person perspective, the post will speak to the imperative of “staying with the trouble”, of grappling, stirring and dealing with what makes us complicit to living without participating in connectedness, of ignoring the everyday encounter with otherness (human and non-human) in all of its rich forms. It will be argued that in reclaiming the future there is no such thing as an innocent bystander. You sense there is urgency in all this. As Greta Thunberg says: “Our house is burning”.

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Posted by IAFOR