Autodidactic City: Skopje’s Socio-Urban Palimpsest in the Early Twentieth-Century (81150)

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The built environment profoundly reflects and influences the processes of human society, serving as a mirror to the sociological dynamics and discourses that shape urban life. Exploring 'social morphology'—the study of how societal structures are embodied in urban forms—this research reveals the dynamic interplay between physical spaces and societal norms. It highlights how cities do not simply evolve; they transgress, reflecting complex interactions with their environment through various anthropological and geographical stages, and leaving indelible traces on the social fabric.

Skopje, an eclectic amalgam of twentieth-century socio-urban ideologies, stands as a compelling case study. The transformative period following the 1963 Earthquake, notably shaped by Kenzo Tange’s metabolist reconstruction, provides a unique perspective on the manifestations of social morphology within existing urban spaces. The analytical framework, rooted in the convergence of interdisciplinary methodologies from urban sociology, architectural theory, and historical context analysis, delves into how urban planning and societal shifts interact.

Skopje's distinctive journey of reconstruction and evolution in the face of socio-political turmoil in the 20th century epitomizes the 'Autodidactic City.' It is a city that learns, adapts, and reshapes its urban and sociological landscapes in response to an archipelago of urban planning paradigms. This research underscores Skopje’s role as a repository of urban planning theories from modernism and metabolism to socialist and neoliberal strategies. In this analytical context, Skopje not only emerges as a city marked by resilience and adaptability but also as a vibrant urban planning think-tank.

Ivan Mirkovski, University American College Skopje, Macedonia

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Professor IVAN MIRKOVSKI is a University Assistant Professor/Lecturer at University UACS North Macedonia in Macedonia

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