Investigating the Impact of User-Friendly Video Guides on Emotional States During Hospital Navigation (80590)

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Feeling lost in a hospital is common, especially for first-timers. Confusing layouts, countless departments, and sheer size can lead to wasted time, missed appointments, and stress. Our research seeks to ease this experience by developing a user-friendly video guide that helps patients navigate effortlessly. Designed with User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) principles in mind, the video offers an intuitive and informative journey. To gauge its effectiveness, we compared fifty participants' willingness to use our video guide against traditional 2D maps. The results will illuminate whether the video approach provides a more efficient and positive experience. Additionally, we developed an algorithm to analyze emotional responses during their exploration with both methods. Interestingly, participants using the video guide displayed more positive emotions overall. We focused on emotions like interest, boredom, anxiety, calm, happiness, sadness, disappointment, trustworthiness, and neutrality. Notably, a strong correlation emerged between interest and positive emotions like calm, happiness, and trust. Finally, we analyzed significant emotional differences between the video and map groups. The emotions of calm, happiness, and trust showed statistically significant differences, suggesting the video guide has a positive impact on emotional well-being during navigation.

Ponnapa Musikapun, Naresuan University, Thailand
Nichakorn Noipan, Naresuan University, Thailand
Atcharapon Kankian, Naresuan University, Thailand
Manita Wongkaew, Naresuan University, Thailand
Rattanawadee Yayong, Naresuan University, Thailand
Witchayaphorn Khamsing, Naresuan University, Thailand

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Dr Ponnapa Musikapun is a University Professor/Principal Lecturer at Naresuan University in Thailand

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Last updated: 2023-02-23 23:45:00