The Suicidal Reading of Sylvia Plath’s Selected Works Under the Theoretical Frame Work of Durkheim’s Suicide Theory (79755)

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This study delves into a sociological analysis of Sylvia Plath's selected works, through the theoretical framework of Émile Durkheim's Suicide theory. Durkheim, a renowned French sociologist, proposed that suicide is influenced by social factors, with varying rates attributed to differences in social solidarity. Plath, an iconic American poet, is known for her confessional style, vividly expressing her struggles with mental illness, depression, and suicidal tendencies.
Examining Durkheim's three types of suicide—egoistic, altruistic, and anomic—the study identifies Plath's suicidal tendencies as egoistic. Plath's introspective poetries, reflects a sense of detachment and alienation, of isolation, disillusionment with societal norms, and a desire for escape. The analysis incorporates Durkheim's theories on social disruption leading to suicide, emphasizing the impact of societal changes on individual well-being.
The research contextualizes Plath's life, including her tumultuous marriage, family breakdown, and mental health challenges, as contributing factors to her egoistic suicide tendencies. Plath's poignant portrayal of her struggles in her poetry serves as a lens to understand the disintegration of social bonds, as theorized by Durkheim.
In conclusion, this study offers a comprehensive examination of Sylvia Plath's selected works within the framework of Durkheim's Suicide theory, shedding light on the sociological dimensions of her struggles and the underlying societal factors influencing her egoistic suicide tendencies. The research contributes to the interdisciplinary understanding of literature and sociology, unravelling the intricate interplay between individual experiences and societal structures.

Josit Mariya, Indian Institute of Information Technology, India

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Dr JOSIT MARIYA is a University Assistant Professor/Lecturer at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Kottayam in India

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