The Concept of “Terror-Trafficking” and the Continuum of Harm (79472)

Session Information: Peace and Conflicts
Session Chair: Haezreena Begum Abdul Hamid

Sunday, 26 May 2024 10:45
Session: Session 1
Room: Room 603
Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

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The concept of 'terror-trafficking' depicts a distinct form of trafficking which encompass the elements of trafficking for the purpose of exploiting an individual for the purpose of combat, suicide bombing, soldering, labour, marriage, child-rearing, and other slavery-like practices. However, in Malaysia, victims of “terror-trafficking” (VTT) are not recognized as victims of trafficking (VOT), hence are not eligible for Protection Orders (PO) under the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Migrant Smuggling Act 2007 (ATIPSOM). The PO provides protection, counselling, medication, and shelter for VOT. The Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children 2000 (Palermo Protocol) also does not specifically include VTT in its definition of victims. Meanwhile, VTT who manage to escape from terrorist groups are at risk of being detained under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 for a period of 28 days or more before being charged under the Malaysian Penal Code. Those who are not charged are expected to recover from their trauma and undergo the deradicalization programs sponsored by the state. For children born in terrorist-controlled areas, they may be categorized as stateless and will not be eligible to enrol in schools. To illuminate the victimization experiences faced by VTT which is akin to VOT, this research will adopt the theory of continuum of harm and conduct secondary analysis on studies carried out on former ‘radicals’ and victims. The research will conclude by suggesting a broader understanding of human trafficking and to include VTT in the victim protection framework in Malaysia.

Haezreena Begum Abdul Hamid, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia

About the Presenter(s)
Dr. Haezreena is a Criminologist and a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Universiti Malaya. She has conducted extensive research on human trafficking, gender, sexual violence, victimization, incarceration, terrorism and violent extremism.

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