Virtual Platform for Real Experience: A New Materialist Perspective of Audience Perception Toward Virtual Exhibition (79329)

Session Information: Interdisciplinary in the Arts
Session Chair: Chih-Yung Aaron Chiu

Monday, 27 May 2024 16:00
Session: Session 4
Room: Room C (Live-Stream)
Presentation Type: Live-Stream Presentation

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As digital technology improves rapidly, the digital visual culture has become an essential element in the social, cultural, artistic, and economic dimensions. Christiane Paul once noted that the challenge of digital art is mostly based on "immateriality" in digital art forms: digital art operates largely on software, systems, and computer networks. Art forms that are driven by the process of displaying, collecting, and preserving in organizations and mechanisms have triggered conceptual, philosophical, and substantive issues. This situation not only has a direct impact on the creation, presentation, and reception of art, but also changes the role each participant plays in it. More importantly, it also results in a new materialist perspective toward audience's viewing experience. New Materialism is an objecthood, a networked digital technology that embeds, processes, and reflects back on human and environmental data, or highlights its own "coded materiality", and the way digital processes the world. Through the proclamation of "re-considering information as a new material civilization", this research attempts to highlight a new state of view of contemporary visualism, and how spectators see the world through digital technology, discusses how virtual technology is embedded in other objects, images and structures, while also redefining spectator’s perception of the subjectivity, and thinks about philosophical themes such as "the swing between digital technology and various materials", "how its swing changes the relationship between spectators and these substances" and "how we perceive ourselves as subjects"?

Chih-Yung Aaron Chiu, Tsing Hua University Taiwan, Taiwan

About the Presenter(s)
Professor Chih-Yung Aaron CHIU is a University Professor/Principal Lecturer at Tsing Hua University Taiwan in Taiwan

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