Exploring the Path to Social Sustainability from Liyun Datong Pian of Liji (79243)

Session Information: Sustainability
Session Chair: Amy Fahy

Sunday, 26 May 2024 15:40
Session: Session 4
Room: Room 608
Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

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The "Liyun Datong Pian," also known as "Great Unity," is the initial section of the "Liyun" chapter in Liji (the Book of Rites), a renowned Confucian classic documenting the ceremonial practices and musical systems in China during the Zhou and Han dynasties. The classic conveys Confucianism's desire for a society characterized by profound harmony in governance, which has had a substantial influence on subsequent views and goals of social advancement over the past two thousand years. Besides Sun Yat-sen's extensive works on this aspect, Zen Master Hunyuan, the founder of Weixin Shengjiao, a contemporary religion in Taiwan, proposed relevant discussions with the aim of fostering societal stability and harmony. This study examines the "Book of Rites—Liyun Datong Pian" along with Sun Yat-sen's doctrines and Zen Master Hunyuan's discussions. It analyzes the implications of this ancient text in terms of public health, public policy, and social welfare and explores its relevance to achieving social sustainability. The findings of this study are expected to serve as a concrete reference for the sustainable development of global societies.

Li-Yueh Chen, Weixin Shengjiao College, Taiwan
Chen-Mei Li, Weixin Shengjiao College, Taiwan
Chi-Lin Chang, Weixin Shengjiao College, Taiwan
Kuo-Ying Yang, Weixin Shengjiao College, Taiwan
Shih-Chi Chang, Weixin Shengjiao College, Taiwan

About the Presenter(s)
Professor Li-Yueh Chen is a University Administration at Weixin Shengjiao College in Taiwan

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