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IAFOR’s programme in cultural and area studies is highly developed, with some of the world’s leading academic institutions coming together to celebrate the international, intercultural and interdisciplinary. Working in partnership with universities such as Barcelona, Moscow State, Birkbeck, London, Lehigh, Northwestern, Indonesia, Waseda, and Tokyo, as well as such groups as the Cultural Studies Association


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Read the ACCS Conference Proceedings. IAFOR Journal of Cultural Studies The IAFOR Journal of Cultural Studies is a peer-reviewed, editorially independent journal associated with IAFOR’s conferences on cultural and area studies. All papers published in the journal have been subjected to the rigorous and accepted processes of academic peer review. Papers submitted by academic researchers,

The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies (ACCS)

Call for Papers

Welcome to The 10th Asian Conference on Cultural Studies (ACCS2020), an interdisciplinary conference to be held in Tokyo, Japan, May 27-30, 2020.

The Cities We Fled Cultural Studies Conference Presentation


Keynote and Featured Speakers at The 10th Asian Conference on Cultural Studies (ACCS2020) will provide perspectives from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds.


Why Attend ACCS?

The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2018 offers the chance to exchange the latest ideas, attend panels and workshops, and interact with peers as well as some of the leading figures in the field.



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