Accepted Presentations

We have received over 300 submissions from 41 countries.
The following submissions have been accepted for presentation at ACCS2024.

Architecture and Urban Studies/Design
- Buddhist Tree: From the Narrative in Tipitaka to the Practical Use in Landscape Design
- Exploring the Identity Space of the Ding Hui Community in Quanzhou, China
- Learning from Tibetan Buddhism Landscape: Integrating Architecture Within Surrounding Landscape
- Modernization of Fortifications: Bastion Forts in Nineteenth-Century Vietnam, Japan, and Taiwan
- People’s Party Never Died: The Reuse of Constitution Monuments and Rituals as Political Tools by Thai Pro-Democracy Movements in 2023
- Research in Past, and Present Archaeology, Heritage Site and Find Out the Material Science Used in Civilizations
- Seeking the Social Spaces for Students in High-Rise Vertical University Campuses of Bangladesh: An Emerging Need in Higher Education
- Spatial Practice and Identity (Re)construction in Box Hill: ‘Chineseness’ Visually Interpreted by Immigrants Through Built Form and Design
- Suvarnabhumi Lacquer Bridging Culture with Contemporary Design

Area Studies
- China’s Neighborhood Diplomacy: An Evaluation of the Regional Inclusivity
- Purchase Intention Toward Apartments in a Metropolitan Area in Vietnam: The Mediating Role of Attitude Toward Behavior

Challenging & Preserving: Culture, Inter/Multiculturalism & Language
- Challenges of Preserving Traditional Children’s Games in Indonesia

Cultural Studies
- “Tara Samgyup!”: Filipino’s Imagining and Identity in Samgyeopsal Consumption
- Analyzing the Creative Expression of Virtual Characters in Cosplay Subculture
- Appropriated and Assimilated: Ravana in Popular Culture
- ASEAN Muslim Travelers to Thailand: An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Their Tourist Behavior
- Between Arbhorescence and Rhizome: A Deleuzian Analysis of Fandom Culture
- Cosplay as Postmodern Parody: Finnish Youth, Animecon & Cultural Liminality
- Critical Analysis of the Contribution of Power for Making Temples a Significant Aspect of Cultural History: A Case Study of Badrinath Temple in Colonial India-1815-1941
- Cross-Cultural Culinary Fusion: Integrating Japanese Umami into Saudi Arabian Cuisine
- Cultural Commodification and the Role of Cultural Intermediaries in Pandanrejo Tourism Village
- Cultural Educational Narratives – Creating Connections Between Cultural Stories and the Journey Towards Higher Education
- Dalit Representations as a Breakthrough in Mainstream Tamil Cinema: Politics of Fear, Resistance, and Aesthetics in Select Tamil Movies
- Dorje Shugden Worship in Mongolia: Way to de-Tibetanize Mongolian Gelug Tradition
- East Asian Metapainting? Revisiting Literati Painting in China and Beyond
- Engaging Invisibilities Along Sudhana’s Pilgrimage into the Realm of the Huayan Sutra
- From Obscurity to Opportunity: Beijing’s Mycelial Networks and the Failure of Commons
- From Pixels to Pleats: Transnational Capitalism, Cultural Appropriation, and China’s Generation Z
- Government and Community Strategies in Maintaining the Existence of Yogyakarta Philosophical Axis as World Cultural Heritage
- Harmonizing Classrooms: Exploring Multicultural Education Through the Rich Tapestry of ASEAN Culture and Arts
- K-pop Cover Dance Performance in Turkey: Gender Politics of Dancing Body
- Laughter, Pregnancy, and Subjectivity: A Corporeal Feminist Interpretation of Ali Wong’s Standup Comedy
- Leadership Communication of Majority-Minority Communities: The Relevancy of Mahathir Mohammad’s Leadership Communication Qualities to Hindu Philosophy Based on Spiritual Leadership
- Leadership Communication of Majority-Minority Communities: Understanding the Relevancy of Mahathir Mohammad’s Leadership Communication Qualities to Hindu Philosophy
- Locating and Recalling Socialism: A Social Media Discourse Analysis of Chengdu’s Industrial Heritage
- Migrants in Contemporary Australia: Demystifying the Crisis of Multiculturalism in Arab-Australian Diasporic Writing
- Mmen Orature and Environmental Sustainability: A Study of Some Selected Mmen Proverbs
- Phenomenological Study of Private Actions in Public Transportation (Public Utility Jeepney)
- Photographing Japan in the Japan-Russo War Period: H. G. Ponting’s Expression of Japan
- Sacred Time and Space: Magic, Immanent Epics, and Dangerous Women in Jaunsar-Bawar
- Safeguarding Ancestral Souls and Spirits: Indigenous Beliefs and Cultural Practices Preserved in Guam’s Taotaomona Narratives
- Simplicity or Sophistication: A Spatial Study of Willa Cather’s Prairie Triology
- Speaking the Unspeakable: Caste and Sexuality in the Madhorubagan Controversy
- Tasting Korean Culture: The Aesthetics of South Korean Gastronomy in a Chilean Neighbourhood
- The Effect of Project-Based Learning on Student Character Building Through Cultural Understanding Cross (CCU) in Indonesia
- The Feminisation of the French Songs Between 1970 and 2000 in Vietnam
- The Influence of Chinese Cultural Values on the Experiences of Family Caregivers of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
- The Invention and Expansion of Cultural Planning in Korea Since the 1990s
- The Invention of Cremation of Confucian Within Modern Society
- The Nexus Between Archaeological Exploration and Heritage Contestation: Perspectives from Pizaga, Upper West Region of Ghana
- The Plastic Rose Phenomenon in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake and Its Resolution in Manindra Gupta’s Akshay Mulberry
- The Reflection of Penginyongan Representation in Local Banyumas Ditties
- The Role of Indigenous Knowledge Belief Systems in Maintaining Cultural Continuity in African Societies
- The War in Tigray and Its Immediate Impact on Some Cultural Heritages in Eastern Tigrayn
- Understanding the Notion of Punjabiyat Through Qisse: An Alternative Approach to the Rising Cultural Nationalism
- Unique Multisensory Atmosphere and Intangible Heritage Perceptions of Hobart’s Salamanca Markets: Results from a Pilot Study
- Unveiling Power: Exploring the Role of Humor in Student Bullying Across Cultures
- Vlogging in Japan: A Case Study of Neo-Japan YouTube Channels
- Voices from Within: Perspectives of Ordinary Tujia Individuals in Cultural Heritage Space
- White Sheiks: Orientalism in England, America, and Italy
- Written on the Clouds: Poetic Names in Chanoyu

Disability Studies
- Exploring Language and Literacy Strategies for Teaching Bi/Multilingual Adolescents with Special Needs in U.S. General and Special Education Classroom Settings
- Writing Depression: Li Lanni’s Nobody in the Wilderness

Education / Pedagogy
- Culturally or Socially Inspired? Examining the Influence of Cultural/Social Capital on University Students’ Academic Achievement and Upward Social Mobility
- Digital Media Literacy: A Teaching Framework to Enhance Intercultural Competence
- Educational Reform Through Fostering a New Paradigm in Learning: Experience from Indonesia
- Enriching Multicultural Awareness of Young Children Through Children’s Literature and Art Activities
- Incorporating Artificial Intelligence Literacy into the Curriculum
- Inspiring Hope and Increasing Competence in STEM Using the HistoryMakers Digital Archive’s Oral Histories
- Mind the Gap: Using Inclusive Multilingual Formative Assessment Practices and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools to Promote Intercultural Intelligence Development
- On the Vitality of Matter in Second Language Education: A Diffractive Review of Current Research
- Outcome-Based Education (OBE): Mathematics’ Paradigm Shift
- Pedagogical Practices, Curriculum Design and Implementation in Rwanda a Case of Advanced General Nursing Diploma Program at Kibogora Polytechnic School, Rwanda
- Physical Activity, Screen Time and Technology Use Among Preschool-Aged Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the U.S.
- School Engagement of High School Students in an Arab Country Through an Everchanging Era
- Shifting Mindsets: Approaches for Broadening Understandings and Sparking Change
- STEAM Learning in VR for Cultural Heritage Promotion in Shek O, Hong Kong
- The Arrangement of Arno Didi Song in String Quintet Style
- The Restrictions of School Youth Voices in Comprehensive Sexuality Education Classrooms
- The Understanding Students of Primary School Teacher Education Department (PSTED) Regarding Ecopedagogy as a Learning Approach
- The Use of Design Thinking in Addressing The Challenges in Learning Numeracy Skills
- Vocational Students’ Perception of Digital Media-Based Learning Using Augmented Reality: A Case Study of Construction and Property Students’ in Yogyakarta

Environmental Studies
- Woody Biomass: Corporate Discourse of Sustainable Energy and Ecojustice Critique

Feminism / Black Feminism
- “Be Different and Be Damned”: Scarlett O’Hara’s Way to Independence
- A Study on the Roles of Women in Vietnamese Proverbs: An International Comparative Analysis
- Deconstructing Female Empowerment in “The Devil Wears Prada”
- Humor as ‘Resistance’ and ‘Symbiosis’ in Women’s Zines: An Analysis of ‘Ona・Erosu’ and ‘Jyuso’
- Intersection al Feminism in ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ and ‘The Color Purple’

Gender studies / Feminist Theory
- (Self)Disciplining the Body: An Analysis of Visual Culture and Its Link to Eating Disorders in Turkey
- An Emotional Illness? The Freudian Hysteria Discourse in Republican China
- Audience’s (Un-)Enjoyment of Boys’ Love in Chinese Xianxia Drama: An Opinion Mining-based Analysis on The Untamed (陈情令)
- Becoming a Resilient Woman: The Lived Experiences of Female Teachers Using Different Pedagogical Strategies in a Multigrade Indigenous English Classroom
- Care Politics and the Costs of Hegemonic Masculinity: An Examination Through Laura Florand’s Transformative Popular Romance Narratives
- Deconstructing Goethe’s Faust and Faustine in a Manga
- Discovering 打工妹 Dagongmei: An Approach to Chinese Feminine Migration through Poetry
- Perceptions and Responses of School-Based Support Teams Towards Learners with Diverse Sexual Identities
- Resisting Intersectional Oppression: A Transnational Feminist Study of Selected Testimonial Narratives of Minority Women
- The Hindutva Politics and Its Impact on Women: Emerging Trends in India
- The Usage of Facebook for Social Change Among Jordanian Women: Exploring Jordanian Women’s Experiences Towards Violence
- Women Going Their Own Way: An Investigation on Chinese Female-Oriented Game Players’ Game-Playing and (Post)feminism Practice

Geology/Earth Sciences/Social Geography
- An Earthquake Risk Assessment and the Imperative of Conserving Archaeological Sites in Gujarat, India

- An Examination of Mongolian Tribal Genealogy Based on the Records of the Jāmiʿ al-tawārīx and the Tārīx-e Waṣṣāf
- Archaeological Study of Harappan Burials in India, with Special Reference to Kalibangan
- The Buddhist Exchange Between China and Vietnam in the Late Ming and Early Qing Dynasties: Focusing on Shilian Dashan’s Works
- The Evolution of the Three People’s Principles’ [三民主義] Metaphor: The Role of Confucianism in the KMT’s [國民黨] Move towards the West
- Visualizing Frontier: The Lushai Hills and Naga Hills Through the Colonial Eyes

Indigeneous Studies – world wide
- Issues and Strategies for Ensuring Justice for Indigenous Peoples as a Vulnerable Group in Indonesia

- Examining ‘Fact-Checking’ Reporting on War Events from a Witnessing Perspective

Language Development & Literacy
- An Ethnographic Study on Literacy Culture in the Teras Baca Ile Napo Community, Solor Island

Language, Linguistics
- Politeness Strategies in an Indonesian Graduate EFL Classroom

Linguistics, Language and Cultural Studies
- “Girls at War”: Chinua Achebe’s Gender Resilience and Resistance in Aristocracy Ideology Through Language Meta-Functions
- A Longitudinal Study of the Impacts of Chinese Cultural Values on the Learning Experiences of Chinese International Students in UK
- An Analysis of Politeness Strategies Performed by the University Graduate Students in Indonesian EFL Classroom
- Empowering Academia Through Self-Narratives for Professional Development in Synthetic and Human Generated Podcasts
- Exploring ‘Teaching English While Black’ in Japan: Black YouTubers as Cultural Brokers in the Digital Diaspora
- Gender-Differences in the Use of Communication Strategies in Romantic Relationships
- Green Economy / Green Revolution: An Ecolinguistic Critical Discourse Analysis of South African Politicians’ Communications on Climate Change
- Multimodal Metaphoric Creativity and Recontextualization in Education Discourse: College Advertisements in South Korea
- Non-English Major Undergraduate Students’ Perception of How Speaking Anxiety Interacts with Socio-Cultural Factors
- Quality of Arabic-Indonesian Translation of Rahmatun Lil’Alameen Song Lyrics Based on YouTube Auto-Translate Feature
- Seeing Complexity in Multilingualism: An Observation from Taiwanese Multilingual Context
- Social Change Through Linguistic Landscape: Case Study of Chinatown at Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street, Ho Chi Minh City
- Teaching and Learning of Second Languages: The Invisible Elements that Promote the Process Beyond the Theories – Novel Perspectives
- The Impact of Islamic Legal Theory in the Arab Language’s Research: An Analytical Study
- Unravelling Undergraduate International Students and Lecturers’ Perceptions on the Problem in Translating Phraseme Constructions from Learners’ Mother Tongue to Their Target Language
- Yi Duo Bu Fen Theory in Chinese Culture Course Design

Literary Studies / All genres/ Theory
- A Panorama of Fools in Philippine Theatre
- Arabic Digital Literature at the Touchstone of Genre Monitoring: Reflections and Comparisons
- Emily’s Rose: Symbol of Her Transcendence to Traditional South
- Ethics of Ekphrasis: The Medusa Effect of the War Painting in Kurt Vonnegut’s Bluebeard
- Exploring the Advent of AI in Teaching College Literature: A Case Study from Kazuo Ishiguro’s Klara and the Sun
- Harvest from the Tree of Life: The Coconut in the Folk Literature of the Philippines
- Imperialistic Renderings of the Malayan Subject in Hugh Clifford’s The Further Side of Silence (1916)
- Mobility and Evolution of Identity in Oh Pioneers!
- Much Ado about I-novels: Setouchi Jakuchō’s Possible Worlds
- No Parties, No Shorts, No Boys: Identity and Belonging in Post-Cold War Young Adult South-Asian Diasporic Fiction
- Phenomenology of E-waste in Chen Qiufan’s ‘Waste Tide’
- Savouring the Essence: Exploring Cultural Codification of Food in Traditional Indian Folktales
- The Age of Her Own: A Feminist Interpretation of “Death of a Travelling Salesman”
- The Postmodern Pastiche: Retelling Philippine History in Gina Apostol’s Insurrecto and La Tercera
- Trans-Reading the Body in Larissa Lai’s Salt Fish Girl

Martial Studies/Martial Arts
- How to Become a Mobile Milieus (虛): A Deleuzian Reading of the Subjectivity of Taichi (太極拳)

Media Studies
- A Study on Fact-Checking and Challenges to Combat Disinformation While AI is Threatening to Media in Bangladesh
- Archiving the Environmental Philosophy Together: A Crowdsourced Environmental Database from Pokémon Games and Fans
- Authenticity and Monetization Practices: Exploring the Evolving Landscape of Online Beauty Culture in Thailand Through Instagram and TikTok
- Consideration Focused on the Polish-up and Authenticity of Regional Culture Tourism Resources Triggered by the TV Drama
- Content Creation and Platform Development for Making Good Society in Lakhok Community, Thailand
- Discourse on Homosexual People in Gameshow “Who Is Single” in Multi-Platform TV Landscape in Vietnam
- Emerging from Invisibility: How Boys’ Love Has Become Part of Mainstream Culture in Korea
- Globalizing Indonesian Artists: Western Audiences’ Perceived Coolness for Breaking into the Global Popular Music Market
- Refunctioning the Fantaserye: A Postmodern Reading of GMA 7’s Encantadia
- The Intertextual Construction of Hong Kong in 21st-Century Hollywood Action Films
- The Media Image of the Disabled People Presented in the Arab and Foreign Advertisements and How Its Perceived by the Youth
- VTuber Agencies: Shaping and Exploiting the Distribution of Knowledge Between Voice Actors Behind the Avatars and Their Fans Behind the Computer Screen

Medical Studies / Nursing / Health and Well-being
- Messages that Matter: How Message Framing and Variety-Seeking Tendency Influence Attitudes and Intentions Towards Plant-Based Foods

- Strains of Migration: The Thirdspace of Transient Migrant Musicking in Singapore

NGO policies and practice
- Empowering Women Former Migrant Workers in Indonesia: A Study of Village Groups Caring for Migrant Workers (DESBUMI)

- The Orientalist Aesthetic in Amadeo Preziosi’s Oeuvre

Political Philosophy
- Revolution, Reform, and Modernity: The Creation of a Tradition of Anti-Tradition

Politics/ political Studies/ Political Sciences
- Exploring Foreigner Perspectives on Contested Place Names in Okinawa
- Japan’s Work Style Reform to Improve Egalitarian Parenting as a Measure Against the Falling Birthrate

Postcolonial Studies
- The Meaning of Comparison: Rethinking Selected Passage of Feng Youlan and Hu Shih Through Fanon

- Challenges and Reflections After Drug Rehabilitation: A Phenomenological Inquiry with Individuals Who Used Illegal Drugs
- Consumer Spending Self-Control and Engagement to K-Pop Fan Culture
- Exposure and Immersion to Korean Culture Among Gen Z
- Nandong Smong: The Collective Efficacy of the Simeulue Community Against Tsunami Disasters
- Remote Work and Work–Life Balance for Mothers Working in a Local Government Institution During the COVID-19 Restrictions in South Africa
- Unique Interpretation of the Psychological State of “Compassion” from Mahāyāna Buddhist Perspective

Queer Theory
- LGBTQ Discourse – A New Form of Deterritorialization in Pakistan
- Queer Narratives in Hong Kong Literature: Deconstructing Masculinity, Sexuality, and Animality in Lillian Lee’s “Green Snake”
- Safe Spaces? Spaces and Supporting Diverse Queer Folk in Chiang Mai
- Seahorse Wombs: Trans Men Paving the Way for a Modern Motherhood Paradigm

Religion, Spirituality
- The Ethos of Rationing Water Consumption According to the Prophetic Guidance, and the Role of Universities in Disseminating & Reinforcing

- Sowing Peace Through Organic Farming for Food Security and Sustainable Livelihood in Conflict-Ridden Communities

Visual Culture
- Distinctiveness of the Local and Universality of the Global: The Construction of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage’s Local Knowledge in Intangible
- Hong Kong’s Visual Citizenship: The Depiction of Sadness and Despair in the 2019 Protests
- Knotted: I n(weave)– My Autoethnographic Inquiry into Practice
- Korean BL Dramas and GagaOOLala: A Study in Queer Media Infrastructure
- Reassessing National Projection Through Design: “Cool Britannia” and Terence Conran
- Sci-Fi Aesthetics and Human-Technology Relations: Architecture in Anime Films of Otomo Katsuhiro
- The Craft of Clay Doll Industry and Socio-Economic Scenario: A Case Study of Artisan Community-West Bengal, India
- Virtual Platform for Real Experience: A New Materialist Perspective of Audience Perception Toward Virtual Exhibition

Women’s Studies
- A Qualitative Study on the Passive Response to #MeToo Movement in Thailand
- Advancing Gender Equality in the Malagasy Lutheran Church: Promoting Women’s Ordination and Collaborative Leadership for a Fruitful Body of Christ
- Investigating the Socio-Cultural Pathways Through Which Cash Transfers Influence Intimate Partner Violence in Low and Middle-Income Countries: A Qualitative Evidence Synthesis
- Never Ending Voices of Chinese Women: Me Too Movement in and Since the Year 2018