External and Internal Factors that Affect the Development of Entrepreneurships (80729)

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Entrepreneurs face different factors that can positively or negatively affect the growth of their ventures. These factors can define their success or failure. It is very important to take them into account and consider them to have successful ventures and to know the possible impulses or obstacles that an entrepreneur may face. Some entrepreneurs have great ideas and are able to carry them out, but in the long run, these ventures end up closing for various reasons. In order to provide accurate solutions, it is necessary to find out the underlying causes behind the increased percentage of new ventures closing before entering the growth and consolidation phase in Bolivia. This research aims at helping entreprenurs have long term ventures that have a positive impact on the economy and development of a country. Through the research, quantitative and qualitative instruments were used to gather information from Bolivian entreprenuers. A survey was conducted to a 380 sample of venture owners. In addition, interviews were carried out to gather more precise information on what is affecting the development of ventures. With the help of these instruments, it was possible to determine which the most important internal and external factors are. This paper provides information so that entrepreneurs are better prepared and can help the growth and consolidation of their venture. In addition, policymakers will find helpful information so they can aim their efforts accurately and achieve ventures that generate employment, economic activity and improve the quality of life of the population in general.

Beatriz Gonzales, Del Valle University, Bolivia

About the Presenter(s)
Professsor Gonzales is currently an Associate Professor at Del Valle Private University (Univalle), one of the most prestigious universities in Bolivia, South America. In addition, Professor Gonzales has also been an associate at the Central Univeristy (UNICEN) and the Engineering Military College (EMI) in Bolivia. Professor Gonzales was educated at the Mayor San Andres University (UMSA) and graduated with a Bachelor´s Degree in Economics before spending 15 years doing socioeconomic studies for different institutions along with market and actuarial research. In the following years, Professor Gonzales achieved getting a Master´s Degree at the Engineering Military University in Administration and as of right now is finishing a Ph.D in Education and Research. Professor Gonzales is a full time researcher at the Del Valle Private University working along with teams of students in the achievement of knowledge to share it with society.

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